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State-run Leizhou Forest Bureau

The State-run Leizhou Forest Bureau, established in 1954, is currently the wholly-owned subsidiary of China National State Forest Farm Development Corporation. It used to be affiliated to the Forestry Department of Guangdong Province, and then its managing authority was transferred to China National State Forest Farm Development Co. while its organizational system was still under the Ministry of Forestry in 1997, and finally it unhooked its connection with the Ministry of Forestry in 1999.

The managing area of Leizhou Forest Bureau straddles across many counties including Xuwen County, Leizhou City, Suixi County, Lianjiang City, Mazhang District and Potou County. Under the Bureau, there are 10 secondary units and 2 joint stock companies including Longmen Forest Farm, Tangjia Forest Farm, Jijia Forest Farm, Beipo Forest Farm, Suixi Forest Farm, Lianjiang Forest Farm, Shiling Forest Farm, Liezhou Forestry Industry Corporation, Leizhou Forestry Business Company and forestry research institute.

The Leizhou Forest Bureau, with 4,722 employees and a managing area of 780 thousand mu, is mainly focusing on timber and wood chips production of planted eucalypts for industrial purpose. Its main products cover timber, eucalypt chips, rotary-cutting veneer, seedlings, sugarcane, litchi and Logan.

With the spirit of “unity, hardworking, pioneering, advancing and scientific managing”, the Leizhou Forest Bureau has established the largest eucalypt plantation base in southern China in Leizhou Peninsula during the last 60 years. It sticks to scientific innovation and insists on “invigorating forestry through science and technology” and “sustainable development” strategy. At the same time, the company conducts extensive cooperation with bordering provinces and forestry universities, resulting dozens of scientific achievements, among which the extension of superior clones of eucalypt after 1992 had greatly increased productivity, shortening the eucalypt rotation from 14-15years to \4-5years and dramatically increasing the increment from 0.66 m³/mu in the 1990s to 1.58 m³/mu at present. The bureau was awarded the “National Afforestation Advanced Unit”, the “National Forest Farm Leading Organization” and the “Leading Organization in Greening Guangdong” by the National Greening Committee, the Ministry of Forestry, the Ministry of Personnel and the government of Guangdong Province and China National Forest Industry Association has also awarded the Bureau the “National Forestry Industry Development Outstanding Contribution Award”.

Under the leadership of China Forestry Group Corporation and China National State Forest Farm Development Co., Leizhou Forest Bureau has implemented policies of deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises and has conducted series of effective managing and structural reforms in accordance with the principles of “General Planning and implementing by stages” and “streamline, efficiency and coordination”. Leizhou Forest Bureau is exploring new ways in developing forestry industry and promoting a development pattern of pluralistic investment, diversified industrial structure, and scaling, intensive and mechanized management. It is striding towards to building an efficient, modern and harmonious enterprise.

Address: Chengyue Town, Suixi County, Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province.

Tel: 0759-7881127

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